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It’s almost March 4, the 12th anniversary of our first show. We’re celebrating with a week of west coast shows Feb 28-March 8, but the big day is at the Crystal Ballroom (plus an all-ages family show on Tues., March 3rd benefiting the Joy Now Arts Project ). Join the party!


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All CDs by MarchFourth Marching Band are currently self-produced and almost totally DIY.

2011“Magnificent Beast”

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NPR Song of the Day 12/6/11: Rose City Strut It sounds like the grooviest place in America. -NPR Music

Magnificent Beast was produced by Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) and features a wide array of genre-mashing groove-based material that incorporates more vocals and guitar than previous albums. Magnificent Beast is a full-blown big-stage brass-rock-funk assault peppered with moments of swing, jazz, bollywood, ska and metal.

2009“Rise Up”

MarchFourth Marching Band Album: RISE UP

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Included Tracks:

  1. Ninth Ward Calling (Daniel Lamb) 5:20
  2. Dynomite (Robin Jackson) 6:20
  3. Gospel (Eric Miller) 5:41
  4. Contada Ridiculata (Andy Sterling) 2:27
  5. Snake Five (John Averill) 4:44
  6. Simplon Cocek (Traditional–Zlatne Uste arrangement) 3:21
  7. Nightmarika (Jason Wells) 3:49
  8. Wet Nap (Benjamin Morrison) 5:07
  9. Tongue & Groove (Luke Solman) 4:17
  10. Yak Attack (Taylor Aglipay) 5:39
  11. Powerhouse (Raymond Scott) 3:02
  12. Freestyle For Miles (Daniel Lamb) 3:13
  13. Happiness (Jason Wells) 3:52


“Rise Up takes the band’s kinetic brass-band style and applies it – appropriately enough – to an invigorating set of songs that evoke the pride and strength of New Orleans, without getting trapped in the treacly homage that’s marked any post-Katrina musical efforts regarding the Big Easy. And, seriously, marching band music? Awesome.” -Notable Noise


A portion of proceeds from this album will be donated to Sweet Home New Orleans, a non-profit whose mission is to support the individuals and organizations that will perpetuate New Orleans’ unique musical and cultural traditions. SHNO helps musicians, Mardi Gras Indians, and Social Aid & Pleasure Club members get on their feet, earn money from their art, and pass on America’s most unique cultural traditions


  • Produced by Jason Wells and MarchFourth
  • Recorded at Audiowells
  • Initial tracking by Steve Lobdell at Audio Alchemy
  • Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jason Wells
  • Ears and motivation: John Averill, Daniel Lamb, Heather McGarry
  • Art direction: John Averill, Dan Herrick, Faith Jennings
  • Additional artistic input: Luke Solman, MarchFourth
  • Cover artwork: Andrew Jones
  • CD design: Dangerr Creative
  • Photography: Andy Batt
  • M4 Ninja Star logo: Richard Cawley


MarchFourth Marching Band Album: LIVE

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Included Tracks:

  1. Slow Press
  2. Marionette
  3. Freestyle For Miles
  4. Simplon Cocek
  5. Yak Attack
  6. Mesecina (Moonlight)
  7. The Dancing Sandwich
  8. Wet Nap
  9. Do Dokka Ditty
  10. The Chicken
  11. Getcha Now
  12. Safety Third


“Live,” MarchFourth Marching Band’s second self-release, features twelve songs recorded live at various shows in 2007.

2005“MarchFourth Marching Band”

MarchFourth Marching Band Album: SELF-TITLED

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Included Tracks:

  1. Space Hole
  2. Oqbalak Yom Miladak
  3. Ah Ya Bibi
  4. Pilot Erect
  5. Baby
  6. Yiddish Blues
  7. Matador
  8. Nej Nej
  9. Crack Haus


MarchFourth Marching Band’s first self-release features many of the band’s early songs.