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Our heroic M4 players are finally home and enjoying a much-needed vacation after this summer’s three-week “Murphy’s Law” tour. It won’t be long until we’re on the road again though!


Booking Info

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As of March 8, 2010 MarchFourth Marching Band is booked exclusively by Skyline Music.

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Stage Plot

MarchFourth is known for being flexible and working with a wide range of stage sizes and different types of events. To get an idea of what the band prefers, click on this standard stage plot: 

We travel with 4 risers (5′ wide, 2.5′ deep, 16″ tall) that work well for our stage show.

Please make sure there is 14′ of vertical clearance on the stage for our stiltwalkers.  If the stage is small and/or the ceiling above the stage is low, the stiltwalkers can perform on the floor; if that is the case then we will need lights focused on the floor in front of the stage.

1 Bass drum (has internal mic): long xlr cable (roll-off lower mids to sound like a KICK drum)
2 Snare 1 (has clip-on mic): long xlr cable
3 Snare 2 (has clip-on mic): long xlr cable
4 Cymbals (has clip-on mic): long xlr cable (NEEDS PHANTOM POWER)
5 Toms (has clip-on mic): long xlr cable (drum is loud, needs to be mixed quieter than rest)
6 Electric guitar: have own amp if backline is not provided
7 Sax 1 (baritone): boom stand & mic (full-length boom, not short boom)
8 Sax 2 (tenor): boom stand & mic (full-length boom, not short boom)
9 Sax 3 (alto): boom stand & mic (full-length boom, not short boom)
10 Electric bass: have own amp with DI if backline is not provided
11 Trumpet 1: straight or boom stand & mic
12 Trumpet 2: straight or boom stand & mic
13 Trombone 1: boom stand & mic
14 Trombone 2: boom stand & mic
15 Trombone 3: boom stand & mic
16 vox 1: boom stand & mic
17 horn solo mic: boom stand & mic
18 vox 2: boom stand & mic
19 congas (sometimes): boom stand & mic (need only one mic for the pair of congas)

3 saxophones (& riser), 1 monitor
guitar amp (our bari sax player also is the guitarist)

bass amp (between saxophone and trumpet risers)
2 trumpets (& riser), 1 monitor

5 long xlr cables for drummers (we have clip-on mics; our cymbal player will require phantom power)

2 vox mics
1 horn solo mic
1-2 monitors

3 trombones (& riser), 1 monitor

75% saxes
20% bones
NO trumpets
30% horn solo mic
30% vocals

50% trumpets
NO bones
NO saxes
NO horn solo mic
10% vocals
10% cymbals (for large venues)

75% bones
50% saxes
NO trumpets
30% horn solo mic
30% vocals
10% cymbals (for large venues)

75% vocals
75% horn solo mic
50% saxes
50% trumpets
50% bones
20% bass (if necessary)
10% kick drum (if necessary)

Types of gigs that we play:

Click any of the categories below to see a few examples of gigs in those categories.

Some quotes from happy clients:

Fifty years plus of hearing and seeing many amazing music related “events” I have to tell you that I’ve never had an experience like the March Forth Marching Band. Dylan “levitating” 2 feet above stage at first show after motorcycle accident/ heroin rehab’ at Brooklyn Academy of Music with The Band; Van Morrison and The Montgomeries playing and singing a dozen Hank Williams songs; WOODSTOCK; Hendrix, Mothers of Invention and Vanilla Fudge on same show, East Village, 1965. Tom WAITS and The Who at their best, and most theatrical Ray Charles with Billy Preston and Stevie Wonder in 1965. R Carlos Nakai with William Eaton, Ravi Shankar, Pete Seeger, Carlos Santana with John McLaughlin in a 300 seat venue and on and on! ANYWAY, what I want to tell you is that your ‘Marching Band’ is the most amazing musical experience I’ve ever had am telling all my serious musical friends about you and hope to watch you many times in the future. Maybe even soon in Denver or Portland, Maine. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE!

@ Frisco Independence Day Celebration on 07/04/12

“Please add two (2) new fans to your ever-growing list. I received an email from the Plaza Live on Saturday morning, advertising the show, thought it looked interesting and bought tickets for Sunday night’s show. I’m glad I did. Everyone is very talented, and the experience was funky, different, immersive, and FUN. The encore and “let’s go out in the crowd for the final number” were unexpected and memory-worthy. Thanks for making us feel good about going out on a ‘school night.’ Good luck with the rest of your East Coast swing, and we hope to see you again soon.” -Chuck and Amy

@ Plaza Theatre on 11/06/11